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The coziest adventure game

Forest’s Secret is probably the most if not, one of the most relaxing, adventure games that are available in the market. It is developed by bynine, a well-known developer that created the pokemon-themed games named Pocketman Third D and Pocketman Teal. In this peaceful and cushy game, you will play as a traveler that will delve into the exploration of a quiet forest settlement called Wabika. It offers a top-down or elevated viewpoint, which enables you to have an overhead perspective of the game.

Discover and experience the mystery of the forest

While you are exploring the game, you will venture into various mysterious paths wherein you will discover the ancient history of the forest and build a friendly relationship with the quirky dwellers who can lead you to find what you are looking for. This exploration game contains lots of small elements to uncover. For instance, its additional content called Mystery of the Forest, which is like an expansion pack of this game as it offers new stories, new areas, and many more extra features to mention.

It also contains gameplay elements that the original version doesn’t have, which makes it a totally new experience for you—although, it still executes its known relaxing charm that fans loved the most. In summary, the game file includes both the original and the new story that you can freely enjoy as much as you like. In order to start the added chapter of Forest's Secret, you must first and foremost finish all the 6 main quests.

Afterward, you have to leave Wabika and then activate the credits so once you return to the main menu, the new chapter will immediately begin. If you aren’t aware of the quest, you can talk to the statue in the back of the shrine and get some hints. Your saved file will still work in the expanded version of the game—and if by chance, you can’t access your old file, you can opt to type "FROST" in the main menu in order to begin from the new part of the story. Just bear in mind that there’s a big chance that it will overwrite your saved data before.

A breath of fresh air

Forest’s Secret is a great game to have, especially if you want to rest your mind from playing various action or duel-type of games that can induce stress. In this game, you will enjoy the exploration and adventure in a very peaceful and relaxing manner. From its environment to the diegetic sound, everything will just calm your mind.


  • Contains both original and additional story
  • Relaxing environment and nature sound
  • Peaceful but still enjoyable and not boring
  • Able to play saved file


  • Risk of overwriting data is huge when you opt to type FROST and retrieve your old saved file

Forest's Secret for PC

  • Free
  • In English
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